Fall Marketing is Heating Up

And competition is fierce when it comes to membership acquisition and retention. We hope you're staying front and center with your prospects and members with engaging, relevant marketing and advertising that effectively the benefits of the YMCA as a cause-driven organization.

To help you, OlleyMay created a new design for YMCAs to use. We think you're going to like it. 

PiggyBacking Works

 Seth Godin -- author, entrepreneur and master marketer.

Seth Godin -- author, entrepreneur and master marketer.

The thinking behind this new design comes from a common, successful marketing tactic: piggyback off of popular news circulating the media or a well known brand that already has some mind share. Marketing guru, author and entrepreneur Seth Godin recommends taking advantage of this approach when you can, as it's often less costly and faster to get noticed versus generating your own awareness.

So...with piggybacking on the brain, we came out with the Rio marketing campaign below. Simple, catchy and attention getting. We hope you agree. And can be used for a couple more months while the spirit of the Olympics is still top of mind.

If you'd like to use this design, or any others from our library, just give us a call or fill in the form below and we'll be in touch quickly!

"Rio's Done" marketing design


  • Customize the front and back where you see the bracked areas. We even have a few options of photos for the front. 
  • Ask us about household targeting using our YMCA Household Profile criteria


  • Jumbo postcard mailer
  • Email header
  • 7' retractable banner
  • Outdoor sign
  • Handouts at the front desk
  • Landing page header


Want to use this design for your fall or winter marketing? Or another design from OlleyMay's library? Contact:

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