House Finches hiding in the wreath on top of the lamp

House Finches hiding in the wreath on top of the lamp

Our family has been blessed with a bird nest right outside our kitchen window this past winter. We think a pair of House Finches.

My daughter, son and wife have been avidly watching the husband and wife team build the nest since the winter, and then hatch their little eggs this spring! Now we have a feathered family of 5!

It’s been a fun journey and the kids absolutely love it!

And interestingly enough, my wife has convinced herself that the mother bird has been doing most of the work this whole time.

Just last week the little chicks seemed like little puffs of feathers, chirping away in their nest on top of our porch light. They hunch so quietly ... until mommy comes along with a bunch of food which is when they go absolutely bonkers with the chirping! (OK OK, I admit it...the mother seems to be doing the majority of the work. And what’s weird is she never looks exhausted).

Then just yesterday one of the young ones took flight and zipped across the yard to a telephone wire! Woo hoo! The kids were so excited! (and I admit -- there was an excitement in me, too, as I thought about claiming my porch light back.)

Isn’t spring great?!

Our feathered friends reminded me of the children across the country graduating out of their grades and moving into summer. From kindergarteners to college grads, all the chicks will be taking flight in a few weeks. Some not so little I guess.

I hope your YMCA is bustling with young camper chicks this summer. I remember my camp days. Those memories stick with me today and come up in so many conversations in my adult life. More than I could have ever imagined.

Well, here’s to your YMCA nest as you work so hard to help the youth, families, adults and seniors grow stronger and fly to their next telephone wire.

Keep up the great work and go market your nest!